About me.. I’m rewriting this section at the beginning of 2018 to update you all visiting this clever little site of mine, of the person behind the design. The cool cat, if you will. (Side note: visit coolcat_design Instagram account for more gems.)
 Instead of telling you what I’ve done, or where I’ve been, I’ll share with you the person I love being and feel myself becoming. The me I love most is a creative problem solver, who thrives in the ideation phases of brainstorm and collaboration. I love to interact with people and feel the ideas bounce between wild minds. I love ideas that don’t seem to have a place until they work their way in to something unexpected and magical. I love to articulate ideas and why I believe in them, but most of all, I love executing an idea that has the ultimate potential for impact. I mean that’s why we do this as creatives isn’t it? To solve problems people didn’t know they had and to change the world, one idea at a time.

I’m not fully baked. I still have so much left to learn and experience. But right now this is the most exciting place for me to be. I’m loving the process. I'm loving the journey. I love thriving to be a Cool Cat; exploring, challenging, & creating.

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