Artist to Explorer, Challenger, Creator 
Since I was four, I had been sharing with others my interest in a career as an artist. It wasn’t until high school that I considered looking into options for alternative creative careers that didn't depend solely on paintings and drawings for a paycheck. I soon was enrolled at the University of Kansas as a Visual Communications major with an emphasis in design, and I would never see the world the same. I discovered a new passion and a sense of purpose as I realized the potential design thinking had to impact the world. I have developed a true appetite for creating solutions, which are conceptually intriguing, visually engaging, as well as, provide a course for change. I can’t be more thankful for my experience at KU and its gift to me of relentless thirst to explore, challenge and create. I am currently looking to utilizing my skills in an environment where I can continue to explore, challenge, create and contribute to amazing work. 

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